2019 Proposed Objectives

Lynda Roberts, Registrar of Voters, Elections

2019 Proposed Objectives

PURPOSE: As a link between the public and the Registrar of Voters, the Committee will strive to provide feedback, information, and advice about engaging with and educating the public to maximize voter participation in elections and confidence and election integrity.

Objective 1—Election Integrity and Voter Confidence

Continue advisory role in the process of replacing the voting system.

  • Members of the Election Advisory Committee will serve on the subcommittee.

Continue evaluating the vote center model (SB 450, 2016) and other counties’ models, including vote centers.

Objective 2—Voter Outreach

Provide feedback about outreach efforts to offer voter registration in underserved communities

  • Support events associated with National Disability Voter Registration Week and National Voter Registration Day.
  • Use social media in outreach efforts.
  • Work to educate populations that don’t know how to vote to increase turnout rates.
  • Identify ways to measure registration rate (percentage of eligible voters who register to vote) and turnout rate (percentage of registered voters who vote) by racial and socioeconomic demographic group to measure the success of outreach efforts to underserved communities.

Objective 3—Voter Education

Provide feedback about voter education efforts

  • Educate the public about conditional voter registration (AB 1436, 2012).
  • Review voter information guide, handouts and website for clarity to build voter confidence.
  • Review legislation and new laws.
  • Suggest ways to educate voters about their voting options, including vote by mail and tracking their ballot online.
  • Suggest speakers from specific community groups to talk about voter education.
  • Discuss ways to involve the media, such as using Community Media Center of Marin, Novato T.V. station, radio stations and podcasts.
  • Create short videos to promote the Elections Department.

Objective 4—Election Advisory Committee

Suggest ways to expand diversity on the Elections Advisory Committee

  • Continue efforts to recruit EAC committee members from underserved and youth populations by working with community leaders to be inclusive of all diverse groups.