Traffic Operations

Rosemarie Gaglione, Director, Public Works


Traffic Safety

Traffic engineering is the foundation of our roads system in Marin County. Engineers are responsible for the planning, geometric design and traffic operations of all roads and streets excluding state highways. They study traffic patterns and user habits in order to build and maintain a more efficient system of roadways which address the needs of all users of our streets and roads. 

This section reviews collisions, traffic patterns, and user habits in order to maintain an efficient and safe roadway system which addresses the needs of all users of the streets and roads. County Traffic Engineers are experts in their field and when a problem arises, they study the situation; monitoring traffic statistics such as the number of accidents and traffic jams in the area, review speed data and roadway conditions. When their studies are finished, a decision is made as to the best way to resolve the problem. Traffic Engineers try to offer solutions that maintain smooth and efficient traffic operations through the installation of traffic control devices such as signs, signals, road markings and speed limit changes. In this way, our community is offered the safest roads possible.

If it is an emergency, such as a traffic signal is dark, please call DC Electric at 866-523-8386 or for roadway obstructions such as fallen trees, see the Roads Division Page for the appropriate number.