Tennessee Valley and Shoreline Intersection Modifications

Raul M. Rojas, Director, Public Works

Tennessee Valley Road/Shoreline Highway (SR1)

The busy Tennessee Valley Road and Shoreline Highway (aka Highway 1) intersection in southern Marin County is getting a new traffic signal head to help ease historically congested conditions. Currently, you can only make a left turn on a green arrow. This is about to change, so the left turn will become both "protected" and "permissive. The change requires the installation of new signal lights in a configuration that is new to Marin County.

On Thursday, June 23 the existing signal head that was installed in 2013 will be replaced with one that has a cluster of five lights as shown below.

Tennessee Valley Road Traffic Signal Modifications

Guidelines for Turning Left on a Green Arrow – (Protected Phase)

  • Vehicles receiving a green arrow must turn in the direction the arrow is pointing after yielding to any vehicle, bicyclist, or pedestrian still in the intersection before the green arrow was given. The green arrow allows drivers to make a protected turn with oncoming vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians stopped by red traffic signal lights.

Guidelines for Turning Left on a Green Ball - (Permitted Phase)

  • Drivers with the green ball yield to oncoming traffic when making a left turn from Shoreline Highway onto Tennessee Valley Road. Drivers should make the turn only if they have enough space to complete the turn before creating a hazard for an oncoming vehicle, bicyclist or pedestrian. Drivers should not enter the intersection if they cannot get completely across before the traffic signal light turns red. Vehicles that block the intersection can be cited.

Tennessee Valley Road Diagram