Sir Francis Drake Boulevard Rehabilitation (Highway 101 to Ross)

Raul M. Rojas, Director, Public Works
Sir Francis Drake Blvd.

What’s New

The Final Environmental Impact Report has been released for public comment and comprises three volumes, posted in the Current Documents section, below. The comment period runs from March 26 through April 9, 2018. More information about the FEIR and how to submit comments is provided in the FEIR Notice of Availability, also in the Current Documents section. The Board of Supervisors will be holding a public hearing to certify the FEIR on May 8, 2018.

Project Description

The County of Marin is planning for the rehabilitation of the Sir Francis Drake Boulevard roadway between Highway 101 and the Ross Town Limits. Because of its unique nature and current function, the County is using this opportunity to comprehensively evaluate the corridor for potential improvements to vehicle flow, transit operations, and pedestrian and bicyclist circulation along and across this important arterial.

The project includes a topographic survey of the corridor, collection of information and data, seeking public input on concerns and suggestions for improvements, development of design alternatives, design of construction plans, and associated environmental review. The completed construction plans will then be used to construct the ultimate project.

The project is funded for both design and construction by Measure A, the Marin County Transportation Sales Tax measure passed by voters in 2004. The Marin County Department of Public Works is managing the project in coordination with agencies with facilities or interests in the corridor.

Project Schedule
Summer, 2014 Consultant Selection
Fall, 2014 Topographic Survey, Background Research and Report Preparation
Spring, 2015 Community Workshop – Opportunities and Constraints, Brainstorming
Spring/Summer, 2015 Analysis of Initial Studies and Community Input and Preparation of Design Concepts
Fall, 2015 Community Workshop – Presentation and Discussion of Initial Analysis and Design Concepts
Winter, 2016 Community Workshop – Presentation and Discussion of Design Alternatives
Spring, 2016 Refinement of Design Alternatives
Spring, 2016 Community Open House – Presentation, Discussion and Prioritization of Project Components
Fall, 2016 - Summer, 2017 Conduct Environmental Review
Fall, 2017 Draft EIR Review and Public Comment Period
Winter, 2018 Finalize EIR and Project Scope
Spring, 2018 Board action on EIR and Final Project
Spring, 2018 Initiate Project Design
Summer/Fall 2018 Complete Construction Documents and Bid Package
Spring/Summer, 2019 Public Utility Upgrades and Phase 1 Roadway Construction
Spring/Summer, 2020 Phase 2 Roadway Construction

Current Documents and Exhibits

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