Departmental Disability Access Coordinators

Raul M. Rojas, Director, Public Works
Department Coordinator Title Phone
Administrator Jacalyn Mah Administrative Analyst III 473-6505
Ag. Weights/Measures Stefan Parnay Deputy Agricultural Comm/Deputy Director W&M 473-3217
Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk Lauren Houde Assistant Assessor-Recorder County Clerk 473-7296
Board of Supervisors Diane Patterson Assistant Clerk of the Board of Supervisors 473-7355
Community Development Agency Brian Crawford Director of Community Development 473-6402
Community Development Agency Bill Kelley Deputy Director Building Inspection and Safety 473-6556
County Counsel Ed Kiernan County Counsel III 473-6428
Cultural and Visitor Services Gabriella Calicchio Director of Cultural and Visitor Services 473-6398
Cultural and Visitor Services Marion Boyd Deputy Director Cultural and Visitor Services 473-6397
Department of Finance/Treasurer/Tax Collector Sharmon Freund Administrative Services Technician 473-4211
Department of Finance/Treasurer/Tax Collector Lisa DeCarlo Administrative Services Manager 473-6162
District Attorney Adora Gutierrez Administrative Services Associate 473-6450
Farm Advisor Effie Cook Administrative Services Technician 473-4206
Fire Mark Brown Deputy Fire Chief 473-6781
Health & Human Services (HHS)
HHS - Multipurpose Services Kerrie Desbiens Health and Human Services Facilities Managers 473-7860
HHS - Aging & Adult Social Services IHSS Jane Ireland Social Service Worker II 473-3775
HHS - Veteran's Services Anne Sommer Office Services Supervisor 473-3504
HHS - Public Guardian Janie Daniel Deputy Public Guardian/Conservator/INV 473-6807
HHS - Community Health and Prevention Public Health Preparedness
Emergency Medical Services Epidemiology
Cicily Emerson Public Health Program Manager I 473-3373
HHS - Dental Services Deborah Mullaney Administrative Services Associate 473-7464
HHS - Employment Services Programs WIA Cynthia Gunselman Administrative Services Associate 473-3322
HHS - Employment Services Programs WIA Eric Petersen Health and Human Services Project Coordinator 473-3340
HHS - Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Eric Swift Office Services Supervisor 473-2959
HHS - Public Assistance Pamela Moghbel Administrative Services Associate 473-3497
Human Resources (HR)
Human Resources Angela Nicholson Interim Director of Human Resources 473-4396
Human Resources Megan Numair Personnel Analyst II
Human Resources - Volunteer Services Ann Starr Personnel Analyst II
Human Resources - Equal Employment Robert McCree Equal Employment Officer
Information Services and Technology Kevin Yeager Deputy Director IST (Interim) 473-7096
Information Services and Technology Cathy Clary
Senior Systems Support Analyst 473-6665
Library Scott Bauer Deputy Director County Library Services 473-7536
Parks and Open Space Steve Petterle Principal Park Planner 473-6394
Parks and Open Space Ron Miska Deputy Director Parks and Open Space Administration 473-6391
Probation Samantha Klein Administrative Services Manager 473-6310
Public Defender Jose Varela Public Defender 473-6321
Public Works Pat Echols  Principal Civil Engineer 473-6530 
Registrar of Voters Melvin Briones Assistant Registrar of Voters 473-6443
Sheriff Sgt. Bill Hernandez Sheriff's Sergeant 473-5187
Sheriff - OES Ursula Hanks Emergency Services Coordinator 473-5039