Real Estate

Rosemarie Gaglione, Director, Public Works

Welcome to the Marin County Real Estate Division of the Department of Public Works.  Our job is to manage the real estate services for the County and several related special districts such as Flood Control and Open Space.  We also provide the same services to other government agencies including cities, special districts and other counties.

We handle most facets of land transactions for the County of Marin including the acquisition and disposal of land and interests in land, negotiating leases, project acquisition oversight for state and federally funded projects and property management of county and special district lands.


Services provided to the Department of Public Works

  • Roads - the acquisition of fee and easements for the improvement of the county wide road system and abandonment/vacation of the public rights thereto;
  • Flood Control Districts - the acquisition of fee and easement rights, and the management of leases.
  • Airport - Special reports or appraisals for real property interests as the need arises, such as for the expansion of the county airport; also provide for the acquisition of fee or easement rights necessary for the management of the airport.
  • Communications - the negotiation of leases for various communication facility sites.

Services provided to Parks, Open Space & Cultural Services

  • Appraisal, acquisition, negotiation, relocation services and management of certain acquired rights such as the open space preserves, bicycle paths, boundary adjustments and the resolution of encroachments.

Services provided to Health and Human Services

  • The acquisition and management of commercial leasehold rights to run its various programs.

Services provided to the Administrators Office

  • Appraisals and reports on the feasibility of surplusing County property or the acquisition of special interest properties that do not fall within the needs of other County departments.
  • Special reports and requests from the Board of Supervisors.

Services provided to other Agencies

  • Management of projects for the benefit of other Agencies (i.e., cities and towns, Redevelopment Agency) where they require our expertise or where State certification is required for State or Federal funding.
  • Appraisal and negotiation services are also provided to those agencies and other organizations that have quasi-governmental status such as the Bolinas Land Trust and Community Service Areas.