SRRQ Emergency Response

Rosemarie Gaglione, Director, Public Works

Beginning in May, 2015 the San Rafael Rock Quarry will be responding to the Drought Emergency - Temporary Rock Barrier -2015 West False River Project. This Project is part of the Governor's January 17th, 2014 Proclamation of a State of Emergency which states "The Department of Water Resources will take necessary actions to protect water quality and water supply in the Delta, including installation of temporary barriers."

A description of the barrier project can be found on the State of California Water Resources website.

The Governor's January 17th Proclamation can be found on the State of California's website.

At the request of the Dutra Group, the Department of Public Works has allowed a conditional suspension of restrictions on the hours and days of barge loading operations allowed by the Quarry's Surface Mining Permit. This suspension is allowed for under the provisions of Permit Condition of Approval #33 and will facilitate the Department of Water Resources aggressive construction schedule and the protection of the state's water supplies.

The County's letter providing details on the suspension of the restrictions.

The suspension of operating hour restrictions is expected to begin May 1st and must be completed in 45 days and is confined to barge loading activities (on-site trucking and barge conveyor) only. There will be no increase in off-site trucking or plant crushing hours. The quarry operator (Dutra) is required to remain in full compliance with all air and noise restrictions and the County will be monitoring their compliance during the suspension period.