Rosemarie Gaglione, Director, Public Works

An encroachment permit allows you to make certain uses and construct certain improvements within a county-maintained public right -of-way, both above and underground. Examples include installation or repairs to underground utilities, trenching in the right -of-way, building or repairing driveway approaches/sidewalks, or work requiring traffic control on the street.

Permit Documents

Utility Work in Your Neighborhood

The majority of Marin County residents rely on various utility providers to meet the needs of their daily lives, including water and sewer districts, electrical and natural gas service (typically PG&E), as well as telephone and telecommunications providers. When these agencies or companies identify necessary work or improvements to their infrastructure within County-owned roadways (or right-of-way), they must obtain an “encroachment permit” through the Land Development Division of the Marin County Department of Public Works.

If this work involves a temporary road closure, the issued encroachment permit includes conditions that the utility agency/company is required to follow, such as:

  • Traffic control plans and operations that are approved by California Highway Patrol and the Marin County Sheriff
  • Access allowed for emergency vehicles and residents with emergencies
  • Adequate signs and barricades placed that denote the closure and redirecting traffic
  • Notification signs posted 3 days ahead of the planned closure
  • 7-day advanced notifications to all impacted residents on the planned closed street via door hangers

The permitted work is periodically inspected by Public Works staff to ensure proper and safe traffic control, including signs and barricades, as well as proper pavement restoration if underground utility work is involved.