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Land use permits.

The Land Use Division handles a wide variety of engineering, permit and plan check services for Marin County. In addition to processing permits for grading, County roads and rights-of-way, we also handle the field inspections required by those permits as well as oversee the flood plain management and FEMA Flood Insurance programs.

Our engineers review all permit applications from Planning and Building Inspection for conformance and compliance with applicable codes, guidelines and requirements; and we examine all subdivision maps and records of survey for conformance with state and local codes.

A Counter Engineer will be available at (415) 473-3755 or via e-mail to answer your questions.

  • Who's responsible for maintenance of driveway culverts?
    • Chapter 13.14 - Driveways and Driveway Culverts (view the County Code directly)

      13.14.010 - Public nuisances.

      The following are, for the purposes hereof, defined to be public nuisances and may be removed or corrected as hereinafter provided:

      (a) Any collapsed, broken or damaged driveway culvert or driveway in a state of disrepair which causes a traffic hazard to exist or impedes the proper flow of roadside drainage.

      (b) Any driveway culvert which because of its size, shape or elevation impedes the proper flow of roadside drainage.

      (c) Any driveway without a culvert in a county street right-of-way where proper flow of roadside drainage requires a culvert to be constructed.

      The director of public works is hereby given the power to determine when such traffic hazard exists and when the proper flow of roadside drainage is so impeded. For purposes of this chapter, a driveway culvert is defined as a conduit of any material constructed under a driveway within a county right-of-way for the purpose of conducting water under the driveway.

      (Ord. 1642 § 1 (part), 1968)

      13.14.020 - Expense of removal or correction.

      The removal or correction of a nuisance as above defined shall be at the expense of the property owner whose property is served by the driveway or driveway culvert in question.

      (Ord. 1642 § 1 (part), 1968)

      13.14.030 - Procedure for removal or correction.

      Upon determination that a public nuisance exists by the director of public works, as provided in Section 13.14.010 hereof, the director of public works shall cause notice to issue and proceedings shall be conducted as provided in Chapter 1.05 of this code, and all provisions of said chapter shall be applicable to nuisances as defined in Section 13.14.010 hereof.

      (Ord. 1642 § 1 (part), 1968)


    • 13.12.070 - Responsibility for repairs—Insurance. (view County Code directly)

      The permittee or his assigns in interest shall be responsible for maintenance and repair of any works for which a permit was issued. Should at any time any work constructed under the permit become defective through lack of proper maintenance, such defect shall be considered as sufficient reason for revocation of the permit as provided for in Section 13.12.040. Public utilities corporations shall file with the board of supervisors of the county a faithful performance bond annually, covering all permits required under this chapter, in such amounts as the county road commissioner deems sufficient, conditioned upon the proper compliance by the corporations with the provisions of this chapter.

      The county road commissioner shall require each applicant to file with the board of supervisors a certificate showing the maintenance of insurance to cover the liability of the permittee for property damage and injuries to persons in connection with the work sought to be done under the permit. The minimum limits of such insurance shall be fixed by the road commissioner in such amounts as he deems sufficient, and in fixing the limits the road commissioner shall use as his basis the cost and hazards involved in the work sought to be performed under the permit.

      (Ord. 649 § 7, 1953)