Emergency Operations Facility

Rosemarie Gaglione, Director, Public Works
Photos of Marin Commons by Monte Deignan

1600 Los Gamos Drive in San Rafael (also known as Marin Commons) will be the new home for the county's 911 and Communication Center, Emergency Operations Center and Sheriff Department once building renovations are completed, anticipated for the spring of 2014.

The new site for the Emergency Operations Facility is an existing building that formerly housed offices for the Fireman's Fund Insurance Company. The Board of Supervisors approved the purchase of the building last November for $28.43 million.

The three-story building will be structurally upgraded to meet the requirements of the California Essential Services (CES) standard. CES is the section of the California Health and Safety Code that sets standards for hospital, fire and law enforcement structures. CES includes requirements that such buildings shall be "…designed and constructed to minimize fire hazards and to resist the forces of earthquakes, gravity and winds." This means that in the event of minor damage to the building, staff and visitors can continue to occupy the building.

The leasehold improvements are through Sares Regis Group of Northern California, LLC with Construction Management by Nova Partners, Inc. The total construction cost including all furniture, fixtures and equipment is estimated at $50 million with move in scheduled for 2014.

Emergency Operations Facility - Project Summary. This is the final status report on the Emergency Operations Facility Project which houses the Sheriff Office and the County Data Center.