Civic Center Roof Replacement Project

Rosemarie Gaglione, Director, Public Works

The 55-year-old Marin County Civic Center, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, will soon have its iconic roof replaced. The 220,000 square foot roof was constructed in two phases during the 1960s, and four roof overlays were subsequently installed over the decades. The membrane is now fracturing and peeling, resulting in leaks and substantial fading of the iconic color.

Project scope involves the removal of all the existing roof coatings down to the original substrate of the entire Civic Center and installation of a new Sikalastic Roof Pro fluid applied polyurethane membrane roofing system. The project is anticipated to be performed over a two year period. Construction is expected to begin in spring 2018 and will initially focus on the southernmost section of the Civic Center, which consists of the Administration Wing and the library dome, and then expand to the Hall of Justice. After roofing is complete, DPW intends to refurbish the skylights as a separate project.

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