Rosemarie Gaglione, Director, Public Works
Link to Open Projects

Descriptions of current infrastructure projects within the County of Marin.

Link to Transportation  Projects

Information about ongoing projects for transportation improvements.

Link to Watershed Program Projects

Learn about the projects related to Marin’s various watershed regions.

Link to Capital Improvement Projects

View reports for short/long term construction and maintenance projects.

Related Services

Link to Real Estate Services

County property transactions including the appraisal, acquisition and disposal of land, negotiating leases and property management of county and special districts.

Link to Land Use Services

Project planning and permitting, plus review applications for conformance with applicable codes and regulations, handle respective field inspections.

Captial Project Services

Capital improvements including major construction, maintenance and ADA projects on County owned buildings and infrastructure.

Link to Engineering Services

Civil engineering design and construction of projects related to roads, bridges, drainage, flood control, bicycle and pedestrian pathways, and stream restoration in unincorporated Marin County.