Business Resources

Rosemarie Gaglione, Director, Public Works

Apartment Managers

What Apartment Managers need to know about sewers and storm drains - a manager's checklist for routine site inspections.  Includes landscaping, building maintenance, parking and dumpster areas.

Best Management Practices (BMPs)

These documents provide general guidance for selecting and implementing BMPs to reduce or eliminate the discharge of pollutants in runoff. They also include a self-inspection checklist to evaluate how well your business is addressing these practices.

  • Business Self Inspection Checklist
  • Pollution Prevention: It’s Part of the Plan - A BMP guide for a wide variety of construction and maintenance activities to make sure your crews and subs are doing the job right. English | Español
  • Industrial and Commercial Handbook of Best Management Practices for an online subscription of up to date best practices. In Appendix D of the CA Storm Water Quality Association Handbook for Industrial and Commercial Users, you’ll find a host of BMPs applicable to various businesses including: Animal Care and Handling Facilities; Automotive Services (including Body Repair, Maintenance, and Service Stations); Food Service Facilities; Marinas and Boatyards; Mobile Cleaning (including Transportation, Food Service, Surface Cleaning, Carpets/Upholstery, Swimming Pools & Spas, and Water Softeners); and Landscape Maintenance.

Boatyards and Marinas

The following brochures and websites provide good information on BMPs for boat building and repair and for handling waste from commonly used products found in boatyards and marinas.

Carpet Cleaners

This short PDF document gives information for wash water disposal, permits and the how 'safe' products affect wildlife.

Food Handling Facilities

Information for restaurant owners and managers. This one page PDF gives stormwater pollution prevention tips such as disposal of grease and oil and cleaning surfaces. You will need to contact MCSTOPPP for a copy of the Best Management Practices document.

  • Best Management Practices for Food Handling Facilities (Available in print version only)
  • English
  • Español

Landscapers and Nurseries

This list below includes a series of fact sheets and information that will prove useful to nurseries and the landscape community. Also refer to the Landscape Maintenance Guide Sheet under Best Management Practices above.


A two-page PDF document detailing best management practices for painting and application of solvents and adhesives.

Pest Control

The following link will lead you to the Ecowise Certified website. On that site you'll find information about the organization and how to become certified in integrated pest management.


A one-page PDF document providing information on good plumbing practices in the San Francisco Bay area.

Service Stations and Repair Shops

Information about preventing pollution by gas stations and related businesses including clean-up maintenance.

Surface Cleaners

Information for businesses related to cleaning a variety of surfaces.  Links included point to websites offering pollution prevention training and certification for surface cleaning businesses.

  • Get the Facts! - Stormwater pollution prevention rules and guidelines.
  • Get Certified! - Surface Cleaning Pollution Prevention Training Certification.
  • Hire! - Surface Cleaning Companies Trained in Pollution Prevention Practices. (Select Marin from the pull down menu and click the 'Search' button - it's not necessary to enter a name.)

Swimming Pools and Spas

A two-page PDF pamphlet offering information for the disposal of swimming pool, spa and fountain water as well as rinse water and backwash.

Horse Owners

Information regarding the handling and disposal of manure and other horse-related projects. This document is intended to assist both private horse owners as well as stable owners/managers.