Creeks, Bay & Flood Information

Rosemarie Gaglione, Director, Public Works
creek bank restoration information

Guidance for erosion, restoration, design and permitting considerations.

Link to Watershed Program Projects

Learn about your region’s watershed, flood control program and meetings.

FEMA Flood information.

Learn about state/federal resources, flood maps, insurance programs, etc.

development project information

Learn post-construction requirements for stormwater management.

Related Services

Land Use Services

A wide range of permitting and planning services including creek, grading, encroachment and trip transportation permits.

Flood Control Services

Details on Marin’s Flood Control Zones, including Flood Advisory Board proceedings, real-time water gauges, and similar resources.

Stormwater Services

Countywide guidance and resources to prevent stormwater pollution, protect water quality and coordinate regulatory compliance.

Bay Wave Services

A county-wide initiative to address sea level rise along Marin’s bayside, from assessing vulnerability to implementing adaptation strategies.