County Fleet

Rosemarie Gaglione, Director, Public Works

The Marin County Fleet handles all inventory, maintenance and repair work on over 700 pieces of equipment including county vehicles, employee motor pool, maintenance equipment, law enforcement vehicles, public works and fire vehicles, all generators for MERA communications, and flood control equipment.

Because we maintain all emergency vehicles and road equipment for the county, it's important to keep our facility up to date and fully supplied with the most recent advances in technology and methodology. Our mechanics and staff are highly trained in the maintenance of our county's equipment and vehicles whether they are gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, hybrid or electric cars.

In reflecting the County's Climate Action Plan, the Fleet is committed to sustainability, renewable energy and reducing carbon footprint:

  • Fleet's facility has been operating on 100% solar power since 2003.
  • Began using biodiesel in 2003, progressed to renewable diesel in 2016.
  • Replace inefficient gas vehicles with electric or hybrid whenever possible.
  • Fleet motor pool includes 8 electric cars and 80 hybrid vehicles.
  • 18 charging stations for Fleet vehicles located at Civic Center campus.
  • 45 charging stations for public use located across County campuses.
Learn more about our efforts to reduce the County's greenhouse gas emissions:

Safety, both for our workers and the public, is our top priority and we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality service in every job that we do.