Rosemarie Gaglione, Director, Public Works
Fire Trucks

MERA Transmission Tower

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Communications equipment racks

The mission of the Communications Division is to oversee Marin County’s communication systems. In addition to the maintenance of County equipment, we contract our services with other local government public safety agencies and districts such as city Fire Departments. 

However, our services are not limited to just maintenance. Our staff is dedicated to the complete design, installation and repair of county radios and other electronic communications equipment like microwave transmitters, encryption modules, modems and Moscad fault management units. 

Our division maintains over 5,000 individual pieces of equipment across the county, including the extensive microwave system that provides communication control and alert functions. This is the system that serves as the link for most fire, police and related public safety communication networks in the county.

Our ongoing goal is to keep these systems functioning perfectly thus enabling the county and its safety organizations to respond quickly and appropriately to any situation.

Every dispatch center, transmission tower, router and channel bank in Marin County is maintained by the Communications Division. We hold responsibility for the installation and repair of all emergency vehicle radios and lighting as well as the design, installation and final certification of the emergency communication systems in Marin County fire stations, jail and courts. Communications manages some 15 main communications towers with additional, smaller towers and antenna masts on every fire station.

Our racks of communications equipment are the ‘brains’ of the communications system. All radio communications for Marin County come through this Master Site for electronic approval, conditioning and processing. There are five rows of communications equipment in total which include, among others, transmitters, receivers, encryption modules, modems, digital interfaces, audio processing units, firescad, LAN switches, routers, and Central Electronic Banks.