Additional Services

Rosemarie Gaglione, Director, Public Works
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Maintains County equipment, and supplies services to other local public safety agencies/districts such as fire departments and the regional emergency radio network.

County Fleet

Maintains over 700 pieces of equipment from emergency service vehicles and law enforcement vehicles, to power generators and flood control equipment.

Building Maintenance

Services over 52 buildings owned/leased by the County, as well as ensuring that power is always available for communications and 911 emergency services.

Purchasing Services

Strives to obtain the maximum value for each dollar spent by the County while at the same time complying with all County, State and Federal laws.

Printing Services

Offers a full range of high-quality printing services to all County departments, as well as other local government agencies and non-profits.


The Civic Center Cafe is a relaxing indoor and outdoor seating area for employees and visitors. Food and beverage service provided by Byte Foods.