Marin County Parks and Open Space Department

Special Event Permit Information

In some county parks, permits are required for events that go beyond the scope of normal park use. Please read our special event permit policies and procedures  to determine if your event requires a permit. If it does or if you’re not sure, review the special event permit application, then contact Jen Fujimoto at (415) 473-7608. Learn more, discuss your proposed event, and begin the application process. Please note that Marin County Parks must receive a complete application and application fee between one year and 90 days before the date of your event. 

Application Process

  1. Applicant obtains permit document from the Marin County Parks website.
  2. Applicant contacts Parks reservationist at (415) 473-7608 to discuss proposed event.
  3. One year to 90 days prior to the proposed event, applicant completes and mails or emails application to Marin County Parks and pays application fee.
  4. Parks reservationist checks date on master calendar and forwards to Chief and Supervising Rangers.
  5. Chief or Supervising Ranger meets with applicant (in person).
  6. Applicant completes an Operations Plan form, if required by Chief or Supervising Rangers.
  7. Application and operations plan are reviewed by Chief and Supervising Rangers. Applicant may be notified of changes or additional fees that may be required.
  8. No less than 60 days prior to the event, applicant makes changes requested and pays all fees, including security deposit. Application is determined complete.
  9. No more than 30 days following receipt of the complete application, the permit is either issued or denied.
  10. Permit must be canceled no less than 72 hours in advance of proposed event in order to be refunded all fees not including nonrefundable administrative fee.


About the Special Event Permit Program: Contact Superintendent Ari Golan at (415) 473-6390.

About the Special Event Permit process: Contact Office Assistant III Jen Fujimoto at (415) 473-7608.