Marin County Parks and Open Space Department

Rules and regulations of Marin County Open Space District are designed to ensure visitor safety and protect natural resources.  Recreation is permitted on open space lands only when consistent with resource management objectives. Activities which threaten or endanger visitors, the land, or the environment are not permitted.

Municode provides free access to the Marin County Municipal Code and the MCOSD Code.

Note: the MCOSD Code is in "APPENDIX A".

Frequently Asked About Rules and Regulations

Individuals and groups are responsible for knowing and following the rules and regulations when visiting MCOSD preserves. Some of the most frequently asked about MCOSD codes are:

Bicycles: No person shall operate any bicycle on district lands except upon fire protection roads, designated bicycle pathways or public roads not signed against such use. Furthermore, no person shall operate or possess any bicycle elsewhere on district lands, including trails, unless signed specifically to permit such possession…

Dogs: Dogs and other domestic animals are allowed on District lands when under the direct and immediate control of a responsible person. Up to three dogs per individual are allowed, with exceptions beyond that number granted only through issuance by the District General Manager of a Special or Commercial Use Permit. On maintained and designated fire protection roads three dogs off-leash per individual are allowed. On signed trails, dogs and other domestic animals must be fastened to and restrained by a chain or leash not exceeding six feet in length. Dogs are not permitted off-trail or off-road.

Fires: No person shall build, light or maintain any open or outdoor fires, including barbecues, camp stoves, gas lanterns, candles, etc., within district lands. In addition, no person shall possess such items, nor similar items, while on district lands.

Group Use: No group, school, club or similar organization, whether formally organized or not, shall hold or conduct any activity on district lands with fifteen or more participants without prior written approval of the district. Group use of district lands is subject to prior reservations, conditions and charges.

Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices (OPDMD): For inquiries concerning the use of a power-driven mobility device on a County or Open Space District trail, pursuant to Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, § 35.137, Mobility devices, please contact Principal Planner Steve Petterle at (415) 473-6394.