Marin County Parks and Open Space Department

Eagle Rim Trail Project Approved


The Marin County Open Space District (MCOSD) has approved the Eagle Rim Trail project and will begin implementation in early 2019. The project will improve existing Eagle Rim Trail in Mount Burdell Preserve through proposed realignments, constructing a lower bowl reroute, installing drainage features, decommissioning specific trails, and installing fencing and signage as needed. The improved trail will be incorporated into the MCOSD trail system as a trail designated for use by hikers and cyclists. Improvements will ensure the trail is properly drained, minimize future maintenance, improve sustainability, and enhance visitor safety. Learn more about the Eagle Rim Trail project.

Eco-Counter Visitor Use Data


Visitor use data is now available for ten Marin County open space roads and trails over the course of this year:

  • Blue Ridge Fire Road, Cascade Canyon Preserve
  • Boulder Springs Trail, Gary Giacomini Preserve
  • Fairway Trail, Camino Alto Preserve
  • Haute Lagunitas Trail, Gary Giacomini Preserve
  • Hunt Camp Trail, Gary Giacomini Preserve
  • Octopus Trail, Camino Alto Preserve
  • Piedmont Trail, Baltimore Canyon Preserve
  • Porcupine Trail, White Hill Preserve
  • Warner Canyon Trail, Blithedale Summit Preserve
  • Willis Evans Trail, Gary Giacomini Preserve
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