Mental Health

Chief Marlon Washington, Probation

Program of Responsive Treatment and Linkages (PORTAL)

This is a program serving minors with identified mental health needs. The purpose of this program is to provide youth and families with resources to treat mental health issues in the community and through direct service provided by mental health professionals assigned to this unit. Many of these youth only receive mental health services after they are detained in the Juvenile Hall and the goal will be to return them to their families and provide services in the home.

Victim Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP)

The philosophy of Restorative Justice, under which the Victim Offender Program operates, acknowledges that crime injures victims and their families, offenders and their families and communities. Crime victims are given an opportunity through the Mediation process to express their feelings and any concerns or issues regarding the crime. Offenders are held accountable for their actions and given the opportunity to make direct amends to the victim who has an opportunity to help determine how this may be accomplished. The process is directed by a skilled mediator with specialized training.

For more information on these programs, please contact Jeana Reynolds.