AOWP Rules

Chief Marlon Washington, Probation

Please read the following rules that describe what is necessary for satisfactory completion of your jail sentence through the Adult Offender Work Program. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in your involuntary termination from AOWP and the issuance of a notice directing you to report to jail to serve the remainder of your sentence.

  1. Current Contact Information: You must keep the AOWP staff informed of your correct phone numbers, both your residence and mailing addresses, and email addresses until you complete the program.
  2. Communication: You must respond or comply immediately to any oral, written or telephonic communications from the AOWP staff.
  3. Weekly Participation & Work Schedule: You must work at least one day per week and may not skip weeks or postpone any part of your AOWP work schedule unless you have prior approval by AOWP staff. You will be given credit for one day of your sentence for each work shift successfully completed. You do not receive “good time / work time” jail credits on AOWP. You may work more than one day a week, if you choose and are available. Let AOWP staff know that you may be available for additional days in order to select appropriate work sites to accommodate multiple workdays prior to preparing work schedule timesheet. Once assigned, you may work additional days if you get prior authorization by the worksite and AOWP staff.
  4. Work Sites: Your work site can be selected via the RedMane Client Portal once your application has been processed and approved. Your mode of transportation and distance of travel is taken into consideration. However it is not always possible to accommodate those needs. It is your responsibility to arrive on time and stay the entire day or you will not receive credit for the day. It is a full 8 hour work day, with a ½ hour lunch break and a 15 minute break in the morning and afternoon. You will be turned away without credit if you arrive late, or leave early. In either case it will be counted as an unexcused absence (unless medically excused). You must perform the work assigned to you and obey all of the instructions of the work site supervisory staff. Unsatisfactory attitude or performance will result in your involuntary termination from the AOWP program.
  5. Time Sheet: A timesheet indicating the days, times and location will be available to you in the client RedMane Portal. You are responsible for ensuring you are given credit for your days worked at the end of each day. Have the worksite supervisor sign off via the RedMane portal verifying your attendance. It is your responsibility to renew your timesheet and report your completion of all your work days to the AOWP staff by calling 415-473-6687, emailing, or sending a message via your RedMane Client Portal.
  6. Absences: You are expected to report to the worksite on your assigned days, unless you have prior approval by the AOWP staff. If you miss a scheduled workday, and do not call the worksite and the AOWP staff, it is counted as an unexcused absence. You are allowed 2 unexcused absences and will be terminated from the program upon the 3rd unexcused absence. The only acceptable reason for missing a scheduled work shift is because of illness or medical emergency of yourself or your dependent. You must provide a written statement from a licensed physician (MD) or dentist (DDS) describing the medical problem or illness to the AOWP staff at the Probation Office no later than 5 business days from the missed workday. The medical treatment must be performed and dated on the day that you were scheduled to work. The AOWP staff has the discretion to determine if a participant has too many medical absences to be maintained on the program.


  • Bring photo identification when reporting for work (each and every shift).
  • Bring a sack lunch and water to drink. You are not to leave the work site for any reason during the work shift.
  • Report any and all injuries to the site supervisor immediately and to AOWP Staff before the end of your shift. Appropriate paperwork must be completed for all injuries within 24 hours.
  • Dress appropriately. Given the changing weather throughout the day, wear layers to accommodate cooler mornings, to warmer afternoons. Wear sturdy shoes to accommodate a variety of terrain. No tank tops, shorts or open toed shoes. Protect yourself with sunscreen and head covering.


  • Report to the work site under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or have them in your possession.
  • Possess any weapons, including knives at the work site (except items issued by the supervisor).
  • Use cell phones, or any other electronic video or audio devices while working at the work site. With the exception of your cell phone, do not bring the other devices to the worksite.
  • Have visitors or pets at the work site.
  • Engage in sexual harassment, threats or violence of any kind. You will be subject to immediate ejection from the AOWP program and possible arrest and prosecution.

NOTE: You will automatically be terminated from the program if you miss a scheduled work day because of a new arrest, arrest on an old warrant, or if you are jailed for any reason, in any County, not discussed with the AOWP staff prior to your admission to the program.