Alternatives to Custody

Chief Marlon Washington, Probation

County Parole

County Parole is a program of intensive supervision and treatment for clients in lieu of incarceration in jail. Then Marin County Parole Board is the authorizing body that allows carefully screened inmates to be released from being incarcerated in the Marin County Jail and allowed to remain in the community. The program includes intensive supervision and treatment by Probation staff, commitment to residential treatment facilities for some inmates, and electronic monitoring and tracking.  Additionally, the Probation Department has a contract with Bay Area Community Resources, a non-profit program, to provide assessment and treatment to selected clients placed on County Parole.

Own Recognizance Program

The Probation Department conducts investigations of defendants who have been incarcerated in County Jail for consideration of release on their own recognizance. These reports are submitted to Superior Court Judges, who determine if a defendant can be released or must pay bail.

Adult Offender Work Program (AOWP)

The Adult Offender Work program includes screening and placement of clients in community services in lieu of incarceration in the Marin County Jail. Probation staff supervise and monitor these placements and provide periodic reports to the Courts. Click on the link above to access application information as well as frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Community Service Work

This program allows offenders to provide useful work to non-profit community agencies as a means of making amends for their offenses, or as alternative to paying fines or fees ordered by the Court

For more information on these programs, please contact Frank Peterson.