Business Services

Chief Marlon Washington, Probation

Staff of the Business Services division provides varied and specialized services to support department activities and initiatives. The services offered by the Business Services division are Budget, Contracts Management, Grant Monitoring, Accounts Payable/Receivable, Collections, Payroll/Benefits, Recruitment, Asset Management, Facility Support, and Technology Procurement and Support. Located at the Civic center facility, Business Services staff are the liaison with the County Office's of Finance, Human Resources, Public Works, Technology and the County Administrator's Office, as well as state and federal funding agencies, vendors and auditors.


The Marin County Probation Department has a $17.3 million budget. Budget development requires a close working relationship with the County Administrator's Office and takes months of research, analysis, review, and consideration before the annual budget is approved by the County Board of Supervisors. Following approval, the budget is continuously monitored.

For more information on the Probation Department's budget contact Samantha Klein.


The Probation Department receives over $4 million of its funding from grants or other restricted government funding streams. Most revenue is received through reimbursement of expenses based on pre-approved budgets. Business Services prepares billings and financial update reports to the funding sources for reimbursement of expenses. There are multiple tasks necessary to insure expenditures incurred are accurate and applied to the proper grant. Grant monitoring requires an on-going effort to keep abreast of the Probation Department programs in order to apply various charges to the correct funds.


Business Services manages all Professional and Personal Service Contracts and MOUs for the department. This includes ongoing contracts and agreements with community based organizations and individuals for classes or other treatment services provided to Probation's clients. Contracts are also established for consulting services, staff training, and other miscellaneous services. County Codes and policies govern the procedures for contracting for services. This includes determining the Probation Departments Contracting authority, requirements for conducting Requests for Proposals (RFPs), and other elements involved in the contract process. Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) are agreements between Probation and other governmental agencies or other County Departments for multi-agency projects or programs. The MOUs establish protocols of operation and delineate responsibilities for agencies participating in the MOU.

For more information on grants or contracts please contact Kenyetta Wilson.

Accounts Payable/Receivable

Business Services is responsible for the processing of all invoices for good and services required in the operation of Probation Department divisions. They also manage vendor accounts for existing vendors.

For questions on accounting transactions or vendor accounts please contact Linda Smith.


Business Services collects all payments for offenders on Probation including court fines and fees and victim restitution.

For more information on collections and victim restitution please go to the Collections page.

Human Resources/Payroll/Benefits

Business Services manages the payroll and personnel process for the department working with employees, volunteers and interns to ensure proper payment, enrollment on plans and to assist in informing and assisting employees in managing various personnel processes.

For information on job openings and recruitment processes please go to the Employment page.

Asset Management and Technology Support

Business Services is responsible for the procurement, management and upkeep of the departments capital and low value assets. This includes responsibility for the department's computer and telecommunication devices, specialized gear and equipment. Staff also has oversight of the department's fleet, provides project management for facility upkeep, and is the liaison for the Department of Public Works.