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Chief Officer Michael Daly, Probation
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Issue Date: April 29, 2019
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Fifty-five percent of all youth referred to the Marin County Probation Department in 2018 were Latino, despite the fact that they represent at best 25% of the youth population in this jurisdiction. This over-representation becomes even starker as one penetrates deeper into the system. This disparity is obvious, striking and unacceptable.

The Marin County Probation Department has made the issue of addressing ethnic disparities a priority. In 2018, the Reducing Ethnic Disparities (RED) Committee was developed and this group met several times to assess the possible causes for this situation. During focus groups that were conducted, the RED Committee heard from stakeholders in juvenile justice, including service providers, parents and youth, and a variety of themes emerged from this process:

  • Trauma was a common experience for many of the families involved in the juvenile justice system
  • Some families lack trust with the people who operate in the juvenile justice system
  • There was an interest in having more services be made available to youth and families before they got arrested

As a result of this process, the RED Steering Committee has recommended developing a pilot project that will provide home and school-based prevention services to meet the needs of families from communities where a disproportionate percentage of youth are entering, and penetrating, the juvenile justice system. The hope is that if services and support, including trauma-informed care, are provided to families on a voluntary basis, at an earlier age, and without the fear that can come with law enforcement involvement, Marin County may be able to reduce the disproportionate numbers of Latino youth referred to the justice system. The Probation Department, in collaboration with the San Rafael City Schools, has developed the School Works Initiative to be the vehicle to provide those services.  

Marin County Sample Contract

Question Submittal Date: 05/8/19
Submission Due By: 05/20/19
3:00 PM
Contact: Samantha Klein
Delivery Address: Marin County Probation Department
3501 Civic Center Drive, Room 265
San Rafael CA 94903

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