Chief Marlon Washington, Probation

Chief Probation Officer

Under the authority of law and the Marin County Courts, the Probation Department serves to protect the community through its role in conducting investigations and working with the courts on decisions pertaining to sentencing matters, and in providing alternatives to incarceration for qualified offenders. The department is charged with supervising adult and juvenile offenders in the community and works collaboratively with law enforcement agencies and community-based organizations to ensure that court orders are enforced.

Marlon Washington was appointed to the position of Chief in July 2020. Chief Washington has primary responsibility for the department and its administration, mission, and goals.

Chief Deputy

Chief Deputy has primary supervisory responsibility for the Superintendent of Juvenile Hall, the Probation Analyst, and the Directors of the Adult and Juvenile Divisions. Under direction of the Chief Probation Officer, the Chief Deputy serves as assistant department head in the administration, planning, coordination, and management of the Probation Department.

Business Manager

Under general direction of the Chief Deputy Probation Officer, the Probation Business Manager has primary responsibility for the management and oversight of varied and specialized services to support department activities and initiatives. Supervising a staff of 6, the Business Manager’s scope includes budget development, financial administration and reporting, revenue allocation and recovery, personnel and payroll administration, procurement, facility and asset management, and Technology Support. As a key member of the executive management team, the Business Manager provides high level programmatic evaluation and analysis.