9to25 Workgroups

Chief Marlon Washington, Probation

Marin 9 to 25 Workgroups

A key driver of Marin 9 to 25’s work and an opportunity for engagement is the workgroup framework. Workgroups are action-oriented temporary committees created to ensure progress is made on specific collective impact projects. Workgroups are not meant to be permanent, rather they are intended to address an identified issue by facilitating collaboration between stakeholders. Initial workgroups include Health Plan and Payment, Social Health, and Youth Visioning. All are welcome to join Marin 9 to 25 workgroups!

Youth Visioning Workgroup

The Youth Visioning Workgroup will develop projects based on youth interest and ensure that the youth voice is included in decision-making for Marin 9 to 25. This workgroup enables youth to engage in identified projects and drive work forward.  

Social Health Network Workgroup

The Social Health Network Workgroup monitors efforts in health, wellness and social services to expand referral networks and ensure that youth-serving organizations and youth-specific considerations are made as initiatives roll out.  

Payer and Funder Workgroup

The Payer and Funder Workgroup will develop a baseline understanding of current programs and projects available in Marin County, and draft recommendations outlining funding sources, program needs, and potential gaps.

Please contact Info@marin9to25.org for more information about the workgroups