What We Do

Liza Massey, Chief Information Officer, Information Services and Technology

The Information Services and Technology Department (IST) is the backbone of technology services for the County. In addition to working with every county department to address technical issues and needs, we manage a data center that supports all county locations, oversees network and application support for public libraries in the county.

Systems and Applications Division

The Systems and Applications Division is committed to supporting the business goals of our clients and our residents by providing effective, efficient, and innovative business software solutions. Systems and Applications work encompasses both internal and purchased County systems for enterprise areas including enterprise resource management, land use, justice, property taxes, health and human services and geographic-based applications. The focus of the division is developing and implementing applications that support the business operations of County departments and external agencies.

There are a number of different roles and groups within the Systems and Application Division.

Technical Services Division

The IST Systems and Applications Division implements and supports a wide variety of custom and third party applications for the various departments in County government as well as for outside partners and agencies.

Shared Services

The IST Shared Services team is a highly experienced group who develop, plan, and administer the department’s annual budget consistent with the County’s Strategic Plan. Shared Services also manages procurement of contracts, facilities, accounting, payroll, recruitment and other human resource management services.