Web Development

Liza Massey, Chief Information Officer, Information Services and Technology

Our web developers are a group of highly experienced programmers, developers and designers who are responsible for creating and maintaining the County's Internet and Intranet sites. 

Web Application Development

Web application is the development of web-based applications that allow users to interface with our various databases. We do this through a combination of our own programming as well as the adaption and/or implementation of third party software.

Our applications work behind the scenes to provide our visitors with a wide range of options for obtaining specific information such as property records and GIS locations and the ability to submit service requests directly to the Building, Planning, and Environmental Health Services departments.

Web Team

Over the past year, the web group has worked to implement a fresh, new, updated web presence for the County.  Our efforts have produced a website that uses the latest technology to assist our visitors with improved search functionality, features that highlight our communities and the latest County government news.  We've worked to make more of our services easier to find and utilize - you can now buy Marin Center tickets directly from our website!

The update has also incorporated several interactive maps making it easy to find out information such as which supervisor represents your district and whether your home is located in one of the eight flood zones in Marin County. 

In addition to our new Board meeting highlights page — a review of past, and a preview of future, Board of Supervisors meetings — we are actively involved in social media.  Several of our departments maintain their own sites on Facebook and Twitter and our visitors continue to have the ability to subscribe to pages or newsletters on our website to receive the latest information via email or phone.