Technical Services

Liza Massey, Chief Information Officer, Information Services and Technology

The Technical Services Division is committed to providing and maintaining an information technology infrastructure that is robust, cost-effective, and that efficiently and flexibly meets the business goals of our customers. We're dedicated to responsive customer service that enables our customers to fully utilize all the facilities provided by the IST department.

Our responsibilities extend to the support of the County's underlying technical infrastructure and its operation through a wide spectrum of services including, but not limited to, the management of data networks, servers, information security, personal computers, network and desktop support, web design and support, and information management.

Infrastructure and Data Center Support includes the responsibility for the 24x7 operation of the County’s 2,500 square foot data center and our services include monitoring of the County’s computing environment and server infrastructure. IST supports a variety of hardware and software, including Dell servers, a high capacity storage network and a variety of personal computers and workstations.

Our highly technical staff provides expertise in the areas of servers, physical and virtual, operating systems, network security, Desktop support and the PC Lease program.


Help Desk

Our Service Desk provides a central point of contact for County clients to report problems with services or systems provided by the Information Services and Technology department. Staff provides technical support for desktop/laptop and other hardware, software configuration, maintenance and replacement. Problems may range from user specific issue to global County wide computing issues. We also provide support for in-house developed applications and specialized software for departments such as ProLaw, Bencal, Cubs, and the Board of Supervisors meetings' regular live webcasts.


The mission of the IST Network Team is to deliver value to County departments and Marin Information and Data Access System (MIDAS) community partner network customers by providing a high quality and cost effective data network architecture. We create and maintain the infrastructure to support shared applications among the County and MIDAS customers.

Records Management

The Information Management Team is dedicated to the efficient management of all County records.  Records/Documents management in the County of Marin features secure, accessible storage that maximizes the utilization of space and other resources without losing the ability to provide responsive service and to comply with legal requirements.

The goals of the team include:

  • The continued promotion of  Records and Document Management countywide
  • Effective communication with the Board of Supervisors and County departments regarding the importance of records management
  • Gaining broader participation from departments, and to enhance knowledge of County staff in record/document management procedures
  • Making available training classes, documentary and video training
  • Expanding the number of documents accessible online
  • Increasing efficiency in departments with limited resources due to budget cuts, and
  • Providing easier access for constituents

Service Agreements Team

The Service Agreements Team functions as the technical point of contact for the Public Works, Community Development and Fire Departments.

We evaluate, recommend, implement and support technical solutions to meet our client's business needs, and we deliver end-user technical solutions in the areas of hardware, software, accounts, project management, technical advisory and coordination.  Our duties also include the creation, maintenance and implementation of niche applications when it is efficient to meet the needs of our clients.  To this end we coordinate with third party vendors to ensure correct product implementation.

As a liaison with other resources in IST, our job is to maintain County standards while integrating technology to meet the needs of the departments we represent. Additionally, we provide high level support for AutoCAD and GIS applications used by the County's engineering and mapping staff. 

Service Agreements also develops, maintains and assists with each department's websites.

Systems Administrators

The Systems Administrators Team (Sys Admins) designs, implements, and maintains a reliable and scalable infrastructure. They provide services such as Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, and E-mail.  The staff is responsible for more than 450 servers, with the majority in the central datacenter and others distributed in multiple locations around the county.  These servers provide many functions and host applications such as law enforcement, property, human resources, and financial systems.  The data is stored in an enterprise storage system with over 100 terabytes of storage capacity.  Due to early adoption of virtualization technologies, over 50% of the servers are now virtual and a solid virtual infrastructure is in place to support future growth.


In addition to the other duties, this team is also responsible to ensure secure and safe computing for all county employees and resources across all related technologies.  We act as the primary office of responsibility for all information security-related issues.  The staff also maintains and supports countywide anti-virus protection, application of patches and updates, email and desktop encryption, secure data transmission and providing support for all other security-related issues.

Telephone Services

The mission of the IST Telephone Services Team is to deliver value to County departments and constituents by providing a high quality and cost effective voice communications architecture. Telephone Services manages the Civic Center telephone system and the telephone systems at 42 additional County offices. The group works closely with County departments to develop customer service programs and to enhance voice communications with clients. Program responsibilities also the development of the annual budget and associated chargebacks, financial management of the Telephone Services fund center, vendor management and contract management.

Web Team

The web team consists of a number of highly experienced programmers and web developers who are responsible for maintaining both the County's Internet and Intranet sites.  Our primary goal is to extend governmental services directly to the public and our business partners any time, day or night, while continually improving the ability of county employees to perform their jobs efficiently.