Systems and Applications

Liza Massey, Chief Information Officer, Information Services and Technology

The Systems and Applications Division is committed to supporting the business goals of our clients and our residents by providing effective, efficient, and innovative business software solutions. Systems and Applications work encompasses both internal and purchased County systems for enterprise areas including enterprise resource management, land use, justice, property taxes, health and human services and geographic-based applications. The focus of the division is developing and implementing applications that support the business operations of County departments and external agencies.

There are a number of different roles and groups within the Systems and Application Division:


Roles and Groups

Analysis and Programming

The Application Analysts and Programmers work directly with department users to determine requirements and create new desktop and web applications for the County of Marin departments. These developers also assist in analyzing solutions and recommending third-party applications. Staff then customizes and implements these third party applications for County of Marin departments.  At any given time there are a number of simultaneous projects with a team of developers working on each of the projects. 

Application Integration

Application Integration is a critical service supporting county applications. Integration applications are crucial in exchanging data needed by multiple systems in a timely fashion. The Justice Integration application supports information shared amongst the justice partners (District Attorney, Sheriff, Probation, and Superior Court).

Application Security

This staff supports the security and single sign-on solutions for authentication and authorization for county applications.

Database Administration

The Database team provides management and maintenance support in all facets of database administration, and also provides expert database programming support to the department. The Database Group also manages the middleware solutions in use at the County.


The Database team assumes responsibility for the support of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) with database support as well as GIS application development. Working in conjunction with GIS Analysts in the Community Development Agency, the team supports all County GIS needs as well as other agencies in the County through the MarinMap consortium.

Quality Assurance

This team provides support to IST project teams in software quality management, including testing, in order to assist in providing high-quality, high-value products to county departments as well as the public. In addition, the team ensures adherence to quality standards and guidelines through every phase of development projects.

Enterprise Resource Team

This group provides customer support and business analysis for all county and special district departments relying on SAP Financial, Human Resources and Payroll systems to process and report their financial information. The work includes implementing and maintaining solutions, responding in a timely manner to user issues, documenting procedures and training end users, as needed. In addition, the team provides technical support, programming, and the security infrastructure to our county-wide user community and the internal ERP functional support teams.


The County implemented the SAP software system in 2005-2006. We chose to do this in order to better serve the public and to make us a more modern, efficient and effective organization. SAP is stable, and with SAP, we made many improvements; however, the improvements were not made to the extent required. The ATOM project will continue the process of making business improvements and will lead us through selecting and implementing a new software system to replace SAP. More information on the ATOM project is available on the County Administrator's site.

Supporting County Departments

The IST Systems and Applications Division implements and supports a wide variety of custom and third party applications for the various departments in County government as well as for outside partners and agencies.

Justice Systems

These are systems utilized by the Sheriff, Superior Court, District Attorney, Public Defender, Adult and Juvenile Probation and Local Law Enforcement Agencies. All of these systems are integrated to send or receive information to/from all other related Justice Systems to improve the collaboration and sharing of data electronically whenever possible.

Electronic Justice System (EJUS): A web based application that provides all county justice partners, including local law enforcement, the ability to view pertinent information related to Sheriff Jail bookings, District Attorney Cases, Superior Court Cases, and Adult Probation Cases.

Probation Records Information System of Marin (PRISM): A probation case management system that assists the Adult Probation Staff in managing probation case information following sentencing by the courts.

Probation Accounting:  Adult and Juvenile: Custom accounting systems for both adult and juvenile probation to manage restitution payments.

Gideon: A Public Defender case management system that provides the Public Defender staff the ability to manage case related work for both attorneys and other department staff.

Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS): A Criminal Case system that manages criminal cases and court hearing information for the Superior Court in Marin.

Judicial Uniform Records Information System (JURIS): A system for the Traffic/Citation Division of the Superior Court to help manage all citations issued by Law Enforcement Agencies and to track and handle Court hearings and defendant obligations related to citations. This includes online and phone payment systems for the public.

Beacon: A system for the Civil Division of the Superior Court to manage all Marin County civil cases and hearing information related to the cases.

District Attorney Records and Workflow Information Network (DARWIN): A case management and investigation support application for the District Attorney’s staff including attorneys, investigators, and clerical staff.

Odyssey:  A case management system for the Juvenile Probation Department to manage all aspects of the probation case for juvenile cases.

Tiburon:  A third-party application managed by the sheriff and the county jail to handle bookings. Systems and Application staff manages data exchanges for this system for booking information between the Sheriff, the DA and the Court.

Property Assessment and Tax

These are the Assessor and Department of Finance (Auditor and Tax Collector) systems:

Tax Assessment Property Information Systems (TAPIS): A system that fully integrates the work of the County Assessor/Recorder, Auditor/Controller and Tax Collector as related to property tax assessments, billing, collections, reporting and auditing.

County Assessor's Personal Property System (CAPPS): A tax assessment system to manage unsecured business property taxes.

County of Marin Property Assessment Systems (COMPASS): system used by the Assessor’s office for assessment of secured properties.

Tax Collector's Transient Occupancy Tax System (TOT): Transient Occupancy Tax system for tracking and payment of tax only by patrons of hotels, motels, bed and breakfast and other lodging facilities in the unincorporated area.

Searches are available on the public website for information related to:

  • Property Tax and Assessment Values
  • Grantor/Grantee Index
  • Assessor Parcel Map Search

County Clerk

Fictitious Business Names (FBN): The Fictitious Business Licenses system allows for online application for the public as well as the back end system to manage and track licenses and renewals.

Finance, Human Resources, Payroll – Enterprise Resource Planning

SAP: The Systems Applications and Products (SAP) Enterprise System supports 26 county departments and 21 special districts. This includes the Department of Finance (DOF) Payroll System, the Human Resources (HR) Benefits and Employee Management System, Finance and Logistics, and the Business Intelligence reporting system on the SAP Portal, which provides budget and payroll analytics for the County Administrator, HR and the DOF as well as the Employee Self Service Information.

Community Development Agency (CDA)

County of Marin Enterprise Tracking (COMET): Staff is involved in the ongoing implementation and support for a third-party system, INFOR Public Sector CDR Software. The Permit management software will improve the permitting process for CDA. Similarly, the Licensing and Code Enforcement software will streamline county interdepartmental data sharing and workflow to reduce costs and improve productivity. This project is underway and expects to be completed in 2015.

Web Portal: Currently, the Community Development Agency's Public Service Portal provides access to submit service requests directly to the Building, Planning, and Environmental Health Services departments. In the near future, the Public Service Portal will be updated to include Building and Safety Online permits. Customers will be able to submit permits and pay fees online using the portal.

Graphical Information Systems (GIS) Support

The GIS team consists of members of the Systems and Applications as well as other county departments. Some map data is shared by the County of Marin and Marin Map, which is a nonprofit consortium of cities and agencies in Marin County.

ATOM Project

ATOM: Administrative Technologies of Marin: Finance, Payroll, Budget, HR

In recent years, Marin County has undergone organizational and leadership change, specifically in the departments responsible for providing the County’s administrative functions. With the passage of Measure B in 2008, Marin County consolidated the previously elected offices of Auditor-Controller and Treasurer-Tax Collector and placed those functions under the direction of a Director of Finance, appointed by the Board of Supervisors. Measure B also provided for the formation of Administrative Services, led by the County Administrator and composed of the Departments of Finance, Human Resources, and Information Services and Technology. The County hired a new Director of Human Resources in 2010, a new Director of Finance in 2011, and a new Director of Information Services and Technology in 2012. With a new leadership team in place and these departments working together across departmental lines with a countywide focus, Marin County is taking the next step in a program of continual improvement in the management of County resources.

For more information, please visit the ATOM project web page.

Technologies and Platforms

Marin’s primary application platform uses Microsoft technologies for both client Windows applications and web applications.

Code Development

  • Microsoft Visual Studio (VB and C#) - used for application development
  • Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) - used for source control
  • Micro Focus COBOL - used to support legacy property and justice applications

Database Related Services

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Analysis Services
  • Reporting Services
  • Integration Services

Enterprise Integration

  • Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010


  • Microsoft Active Directory and Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM)

Web/Application Servers

  • Microsoft IIS