IT Governance and Operations

Liza Massey, Chief Information Officer, Information Services and Technology

The IT Governance and Operations Division is responsible for the IT Business Office, the Project Management Office, and Governance/Planning. Services include portfolio management, project prioritization, budget and finance, social media, tech lease, strategic planning, demand management, and standards/policies. The focus of this division in IST is to provide guidance, structure, prioritization, and standards for the entire Department and County as it relates to technology.


Business Operations

Responsible for IST’s administrative and business functions including accounts receivable and payable, contract management, payroll, human resource management, Board letters and agenda items, and budgeting. This team also manages invoicing and chargebacks for IST services.

IST Tech Lease

Oversees all technology leases including most desktop computers, laptop computers, servers, tablets, etc. The program also manages the warranty and service contracts for the technology, where applicable.

IT Governance and Planning

Responsible for managing enterprise IT governance, demand management, and IST resource allocation for the County, as well as IST’s organizational performance management and strategic planning efforts. The Team develops the framework to determine which information technology investments most closely align with the County’s priorities and provide the greatest return on investment. They lead the process by which competing technology investments are evaluated, prioritized, and recommended for funding.

Project Management Office

Responsible for defining and implementing standards and policies for project, portfolio, and quality management and to enforce these standards across IT projects including documentation, business cases, metrics, project management principles, and resource allocation. They provide best practice project management services to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget, meeting agreed upon specifications.