Business Solutions Delivery

Liza Massey, Chief Information Officer, Information Services and Technology

The Business Solutions Delivery Division is responsible for the County’s portfolio of applications and systems including defining, designing, identifying, developing, deploying, supporting, and enhancing solutions to meet current and evolving business needs.


IST County Justice

Provides business solutions utilized by the Sheriff, Superior Court, District Attorney, Public Defender, Adult and Juvenile Probation, and Local Law Enforcement Agencies. All of these systems are integrated to send or receive information to/from all other related Justice Systems to improve the collaboration and sharing of data electronically, whenever possible.

IST Enterprise

Provides Enterprise Resource Planning solutions for County Finance and Budgeting, Human Resources, and Payroll.

IST Data

Provides business solutions related to data services and analytics such as Open Data, Organizational Performance Management, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

IST Digital

Provides business solutions for the County’s public websites and portals, intranet, online services, and electronic tools.

IST Land Use

Provides business solutions for land use licensing, permitting, planning, code enforcement, environmental health services, and other systems utilized by the Community Development Agency; Agriculture, Weights & Measures; Marin County Parks; and other County departments responsible for land use services.

IST Property

Provides business solutions for the Assessor-Recorder and Department of Finance (Auditor and Tax Collector) for systems that fully integrates the work of the County Assessor-Recorder, Auditor/Controller and Tax Collector as related to property tax assessments, apportionment, billing, collections, reporting and auditing. Also provides business solutions for the County Clerk, County Recorder, Public Administrator, and other County departments responsible for property related services.