County Records Retention Schedule

Liza Massey, Chief Information Officer, Information Services and Technology

The specified retention period applies regardless of the media of the record. If a record is stored on paper, a computer file on a hard drive, on a CD, and on microfilm, ALL records should be destroyed (or erased) after the specified period of time has elapsed. 

Records must be destroyed only in the ordinary course of business in accordance with the County’s policies and procedures, and in full compliance with applicable Federal and State statutes and the County Code.

Structure: County-Wide, Departments and Divisions

The County-wide retention schedule includes those records all departments have in common (letters, memorandums, purchase orders, etc.). Each department has a separate retention schedule that describes the records that are unique to their department, or for which they are the Office of Record. Where appropriate, the department retention schedules are organized by Division within that Department.