What We Do

Mary Hao, Director, Human Resources

Benefits Division

The Benefits Division is responsible for all benefits relating to the health and wellbeing of our employees and their families. We offer a robust benefits package that includes medical, dental, vision, life insurance and retirement savings. We also encourage making healthy choices through involvement in our wellness program.

Organization Development and Training Division

The Organization Development and Training Division leads and supports projects that build organizational capability and enhance employee performance. The Division’s purpose is to encourage best management practices and provide education, tools, and strategies that support staff in delivering high quality service to the community. Visit the division home page to learn about our current areas of focus.


The Staffing team is responsible for recruiting, testing and certifying candidates to meet current and future department needs. These functions are carried out in ways that attract quality candidates in compliance with the County's Personnel Management Regulations, and State and Federal laws related to non-discrimination and merit systems.

Volunteer and Student Internship Program

Volunteer and Student Internship Program coordinates the Civic Center Volunteers (CCV) program, the annual Employee Length of Service program, and the production of Frankly Speaking, the quarterly employee newsletter. CCV provides volunteer and intern job development, outreach, recruitment, screening, placement, management, tracking and recognition. CCV works collaboratively with volunteer programs, schools, and other organizations to further volunteer involvement in the County.

The Civic Center Volunteer and Student Internship program was founded by the Marin County Board of Supervisors in 1979, and is an internationally recognized, innovative program. In 2012, volunteers and student interns delivered the equivalent of more than $9 million in services to the residents of Marin County. Our program is a great place to be a member of a team or to work quietly alone. There are numerous opportunities no matter where you are in your life. The program is a win/win for you and for us!

Classification and Compensation

Marin County’s 2,100 positions are classified into 630 different job classifications. The Classification and Compensation Division structures and maintains the integrity of the classification system, describing the essential functions, responsibilities, and requirements for successful performance in County positions and properly classifying them. Additionally, the Division administers the compensation plan by analyzing the relevant labor market and making recommendations for competitive total compensation and equitable internal salary relationships.

Equal Employment

The Equal Employment and Diversity Division implements and administers the County's equal employment policies and programs, preparing long-range and annual plans and reports; training and advising management and employees on the application of County policy and state and federal laws relating to discrimination, harassment and retaliation; tracking and reporting workforce composition and under utilization by race and gender; coordinating and resolving discrimination, harassment, and retaliation complaint investigations; and working with related commissions and committees. This program staffs the Human Rights Commission, the Marin Women's Commission, and the Equal Employment Advisory Committee.

Employee and Labor Relations

The Employee Relations program develops and administers personnel policies in compliance with all employment laws and advises and consults with managers and supervisors on performance, conduct, leave, and related personnel administration and discipline issues. The Labor Relations program negotiates and administers 12 memoranda of understanding (MOU), coordinates communications and problem-solving between the County and employee unions and associations, conducts meet-and-confer sessions and labor/management committees. The program works with County departments to coordinate and advise on the employee grievance process and seeks to resolve grievances at the earliest possible stage.