Performance Process

Mary Hao, Director, Human Resources

Performance management at the individual and team levels is much more than performance evaluation. It is a fundamental internal management process designed to…

  • Align individual performance with organizational directions
  • Sustain or raise quality norms
  • Generate reliable and timely information for ongoing assessment
  • Promote continuous improvement at the individual, team, and organizational levels

The annual performance cycle, consisting of planning, feedback/coaching, and evaluation is the framework. The manager’s role is to operate effectively at each stage to provide a workforce capable of delivering the best possible service to our clients and community.

The Performance Cycle

  • Planning - At the beginning of each annual cycle, managers establish goals and standards for each employee aligned with County, department, and program objectives.
  • Feedback and Coaching – Managers meet regularly with team members throughout the year to discuss progress, give and receive feedback, and provide coaching and support.
  • Evaluation – At the end of each annual cycle, managers evaluate the performance of team members. The review is a retrospective of the year’s signification events and a reference point for new planning.
  • New Planning – The cycle begins again with new planning.