Onboarding Toolkit

Mary Hao, Director, Human Resources

Onboarding can be a key factor in the success of new employees. Research shows that successful onboarding can lead to employees who feel valued, informed and connected to the organization. Such employees have higher job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and higher performance levels. Effective onboarding can also support the supervisor and new employee during the probation period ensuring the new employee is a good fit for the team.

Effective onboarding integrates providing information, relationship building and training, and supports the employee through this critical phase of the employment. Relationships formed in this early stage can cement a new hire’s sense of belonging and commitment to the job, team, and company. This process also helps to identify problematic employees during the probation period. The toolkit was developed by a project team from the Leadership Academy, which included: Jenny Choi, Erin Farahi, Jill Francis, Jules Fulgentes, Ari Golan, Brian Morris, D’Angelo Paillet, and Brian Robinson.

The packet offers ideas to enhance the onboarding experience throughout your employee’s first year of employment.

Onboarding Packet