• OrderReminder

    SMART Train Passes Available for Order Place an order for next month's SMART train pass using your pre-tax transportation benefit by the 10th of the month.

  • RideGreen Commute Alternatives Program The RideGreen Program offers incentives for you to bike to work, join a carpool, or take public transportation!

  • Transit Match (up to $40/month) and Pre-Tax Transportation Benefit Automatically receive a dollar for dollar Transit Match up to $40/month when you use your Pre-Tax Payroll Transportation Benefit to set aside up to $255/month towards public transportation.

  • Carpool Incentive ($120 once every 6 months) Each County of Marin Carpooler is eligible to a $120 taxable carpool incentive once every 6 month reporting period.

  • Bike Incentive ($10/month) Receive a monthly $10 Commuter Check Voucher if you bike to work at least 8 or more days/month to use towards equipment purchases, storage, and bike maintenance.

  • Guaranteed Emergency Ride Home Do you need a ride home due to an unforeseen emergency? You are guaranteed 4 emergency rides home a year.