Rod Kerr, 2023-24 Foreperson, Marin County Civil Grand Jury

Decision of the Civil Grand Jury

February 14, 2007
From Date
Jean A. Bonander, City Manager, Larkspur City Council October 29, 2007
Jeanne MacLeamy, Mayor, City of Novato, Novato City Council October 9, 2007
David Bracken, Town Manager, Corte Madera Town Council October 8, 2007
Joseph M. Kreins, Chief of Police, Novato Police Department May 29, 2007
Albert J. Boro, Mayor and City Council, City of San Rafael May 11, 2007
Robert G. Ritter, Director, Police and Fire Services, Mill Valley Police Department May 8, 2007
Anne Montgomery, City Manager, Mill Valley City Council May 8, 2007
Margaret A. Curran, Town Manager, Tiburon Town Council April 25, 2007
Lawrence Bragman, Mayor, Fairfax Town Council April 20, 2007
Joe Kreins, President, Marin County Police Chiefs' Association April 13, 2007
Gary Broad, Town Manager, Ross Town Council April 6, 2007
Matthew Odetto, Chief of Police, San Rafael Police Department April 5, 2007
Joe Kreins, Chief, Novato Police Department April 4, 2007
Mark Campbell, Chief, Belvedere Police Department April 3, 2007
John C. Telischak, Mayor of Belvedere, Belvedere City Council April 2, 2007
Wayne Cooper, Mayor, San Anselmo Town Council March 29, 2007
Scott Paulin, Chief of Police, Sausalito Police Department March 28, 2007
Charles Maynard, Chief, San Anselmo Police Department March 28, 2007
Ken Hughes, Chief, Fairfax Police Department March 27, 2007
Robert T. Doyle, Sheriff, Marin County Sheriff's Office March 22, 2007
Barry Heying, Chief, Ross Police Department March 15, 2007
Phil Green, Chief, Twin Cities Police Department February 21, 2007