Agendizing Responses

Rod Kerr, 2023-24 Foreperson, Marin County Civil Grand Jury

Decision of the Civil Grand Jury

May 26, 2006
From Date
Steve Kinsey, Marin County Open Space District Board of Directors March 13, 2007
Joseph A. Remley, Acting District Manager, Ross Valley Sanitary District February 15, 2007
Thomas J. Finn, Director & Secretary, Sleepy Hollow Fire Protection District December 12, 2006
Johnathan Logan, Jr., District Manager, Marin City Community Service District December 7, 2006
Paul H. Causey, Acting District Manager, Sanitary District No. 1, Ross Valley Sanitary District December 5, 2006
Lawrence H. Enos, Principal/Superintendent, Bolinas-Stinson Unified School District December 1, 2006
Leighton Hills, District Manager, Muir Beach Community Service District November 27, 2006
Cheryl Crawley, Superintendent, Ross Valley School District September 28, 2006
Merrill Boyce, President, Board of Trustees, Reed Union School District August 28, 2006
Diane Crane Iacopi, Tiburon Town Clerk, Town Council of Tiburon August 25, 2006
Laura D. Alvarenga, Ed.D., Superintendent, San Rafael City Schools and Natu Tuatagaloa, President, Board of Education, San Rafael City Schools August 23, 2006
Paul Helliker, General Manager, Marin Municipal Water District August 23, 2006
Andrew J. Preston, District Administrator, San Rafael Sanitation District August 22, 2006
Anne Montgomery, City Manager, Mill Valley City Council August 16, 2006
Susan L. Adams, President, Board of Supervisors of Marin August 15, 2006
William Berkman, President, Sausalito-Marin City Sanitary District Board of Directors August 15, 2006
Richard A. Dinges, General Manager/Secretary, Stinson Beach County Water District August 9, 2006
Jean A. Bonander, City Manager, for Larkspur City Council August 9, 2006
Elizabeth Robbins, MD, Board President, Ross School District August 9, 2006
Damon Connolly, Board President, Dixie School District August 8, 2006
Karl Drexel, Administrator, Tomales Village CSD August 6, 2006
Thomas Horne District Manager/Board Secretary, Marinwood CSD (Cover) August 5, 2006
Thomas Horne District Manager/Board Secretary, Marinwood CSD (Response) August 4, 2006
Jin Yang, Mayor, Town of Corte Madera August 1, 2006
Stephen Rosenthal, Superintendent, Shoreline Unified School District July 28, 2006
Gary Broad, Town Manager, Ross Town Council July 27, 2006
Jennifer Blackman, General Manager, Bolinas Community Public Utility District July 20, 2006
Mark Joseph, District Manager, Strawberry Recreation District July 19, 2006
Terrel J. Mason, President Marin County Board of Education July 18, 2006
Robert L. Stone, Fire Chief, Southern Marin Fire Protection District July 17, 2006
June Penn Brown, Administrative Services Manager, Novato Sanitary District July 13, 2006
George J. Rodericks, City Manager, City of Belvedere July 11, 2006
John W. Severinghaus, M.D., Chairman, Marin Healthcare District July 11, 2006
Peter Hoyt Berg, President, Board of Directors, Sanitary District No. 5 of Marin County July 10, 2006
Susan Brandborg, Mayor, Town Council, Town of Fairfax July 10, 2006
Paula Reynolds, Board President, Mill Valley School District July 5, 2006
Lisa Harper, Admin. Mgr., Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District July 5, 2006
Kenny Stevens, Fire Chief, Stinson Beach Fire Dept. July 5, 2006
Anita Tyrrell Brown, Fire Chief, Bolinas Fire Protection District July 3, 2006
Barbara Thornton, Mayor of the Town of San Anselmo June 30, 2006
Valerie Pitts, Superintendent/Secretary to the Board of Trustees, Larkspur School District June 28, 2006
Mark Horick, President, Novato Fire Protection District June 28, 2006
Shirley Gremmels, City Clerk, City of Novato June 28, 2006
John Schoonover, President, North Marin Water District June 27, 2006
Mary Buttler, Superintendent, Lagunitas School Board of Trustees and Superintendent of Lagunitas School June 27, 2006
Robert B. Caine, Superintendent, Kentfield School District June 27, 2006
Debra A. Bradley, Ed. D., Superintendent, Sausalito Marin City School District June 26, 2006
James Johnson, District Manager, Bel Marin Keys CSD June 26, 2006
Richard Pearce, Tiburon Fire Department June 26, 2006
Catherine D.McKown, Inverness Public Utility District June 22, 2006
Bonner Beuhler, Richardson Bay Sanitary District June 21, 2006
Catherine D.McKown, Tamalpais Community Services District June 19, 2006
Bonner Beuhler, Manager, Almonte Sanitary District June 19, 2006
Mary Buttler, Superintendent, Nicasio School and Antonia Van Becker, President, Nicasio School Board of Trustees (Delay) June 14, 2006
Sarah Gale, Vice President, Marin Resource Conservation District (Delay) June 14, 2006
Ken Benny, Superintendent, Mill Valley (Delay) June 13, 2006
Jim Wanderscheid, Manager, Marin Sonoma Mosquito & Vector Control Board (Delay) June 6, 2006
Tom Roberts, Manager, Alto and Homestead Valley Sanitary Districts (Delay) June 6, 2006