How to File a Complaint With the Grand Jury

Rod Kerr, 2023-24 Foreperson, Marin County Civil Grand Jury

Communications from the public can provide valuable information to the Grand Jury. If a matter drawn to its attention is within the legally permissible scope of its investigative powers and would warrant further inquiry, the Civil Grand Jury may request additional information. If a matter does not fall within the Civil Grand Jury's investigative authority, or the panel determines not to investigate a complaint further, no action will be taken.

The Grand Jury has no jurisdiction or authority to investigate Federal or State agencies or the Court. The jurisdiction of the Grand Jury is limited by statute and includes the following:

  • Inquiry into all public offenses committed or triable within the County and presenting them to the Court by indictment.
  • Consideration of evidence of misconduct against public officials to determine whether to present formal accusations requesting their removal from office.

The investigation and report on the operations, accounts, and records of the officers, departments, or functions of the County including those of any special legislative district or other district in the County, and the books and records of any incorporated city or joint powers agency.

The findings of any investigation conducted by the Grand Jury can be communicated only in a report issued either at the conclusion of its study or in its formal final report, normally published at the conclusion of the panel's term (June 30th) and presented to the Presiding Judge of the Superior Court.

In order to file a complaint, you will need to complete and submit a Request For Investigation Form.