Recent Accomplishments of the Marin County Civil Grand Jury

Rod Kerr, 2023-24 Foreperson, Marin County Civil Grand Jury

Wildfire Preparedness: A New Approach

This 2018-19 report’s main recommendation was to form and fund a countywide, coordinated agency to address wildfire prevention.

The Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority, a Joint Powers Authority which includes 17 of the county’s 19 fire protection entities, has been established to fund and improve vegetation management programs, evacuation planning, education and other wildfire preparedness measures.

Marin County plans to place a funding measure for the JPA on the ballot in March, 2020.

Vaping: An Under-the- Radar Epidemic

This 2018-19 report called for stepped up programs to combat vaping among Marin’s youth.

Education efforts have been enhanced and vaping detection equipment has been purchased for Tamalpais High School District, Marin’s largest high school district.

Several cities and towns have passed ordinances to ban the sale of all flavored tobacco.

Mental Health Care in the Marin County Jail

This 2017-2018 follow-up report found that mental health programs in the county jail continued to be inadequate and posed a potential legal liability for the County despite earlier recommendations for improvements.

Mental health care has been improved in the county jail with additional mental health care personnel and new intervention procedures.

Consolidation of Sanitary Districts

This 2017-18 report recommended the consolidation of sanitary districts throughout Marin to cut costs, increase efficiency, adopt best operating practices and improve public oversight.

Murray Park Sewer Maintenance District is merging with the Ross Valley Sanitary District and Marin County LAFCo is continuing to consider other potential consolidations.

Golden Gate Village: The Clock is Ticking

This 2017-18 report cited deferred maintenance and lack of funding as threats to the continued existence of Marin’s only family public housing complex.

A development company has been hired to work on revitalization plans for this Marin Housing Authority facility in Marin City.