Corner Records

Rosemarie Gaglione, Director, Public Works

This system is a directory of scanned images of property surveys done in the County of Marin, filed with the Department of Public Works, and prepared by licensed surveyors, who are solely responsible for the accuracy of the surveys. The surveys were generally done to identify the corners of parcels within the county. Images are indexed by a three digit Map Book number (the first three numbers of a parcel number). All images are in a .tif file format.

Pursuant to California Business and Professions Code Section 8773, persons authorized to practice land surveying in the state have file with the County Surveyor the following written record of corner(s) established or restored.

Only Map Books with a property having a corner record are listed. Specific questions on corner records can be directed to the County Surveyor via the DPW Contact Page.

Last Updated November 1, 2021.

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Map Book 022 Corner Records
Corner RecordMap PageDate ScannedSize (kb)
022-010-33.tif Map Page 22-01 2018-03-30197
022-040-11.tif Map Page 22-04 2018-03-30258
022-046.tif Map Page 22-04 2018-03-30260
022-071-03.tif Map Page 22-07 2018-03-30341
022-151-05.tif Map Page 22-15 2018-03-30207
022-151-06.tif Map Page 22-15 2018-03-30243
022-153-13.tif Map Page 22-15 2018-03-30211
022-154-01.tif Map Page 22-15 2018-03-30203
022-161-07.tif Map Page 22-16 2018-03-30624
022-163-10.tif Map Page 22-16 2018-03-30204
022-191-33.tif Map Page 22-19 2018-03-30200
022-211-11.tif Map Page 22-21 2018-03-3063
022-212-15,25.tif Map Page 22-21 2018-03-30189
022-212-29.tif Map Page 22-21 2018-03-30213
022-221-16.tif Map Page 22-22 2018-03-30171
022-250-30.tif Map Page 22-25 2018-03-30238
022-261-12.tif Map Page 22-26 2018-03-30241
022-261-18.tif Map Page 22-26 2018-03-30244
022-261-20.tif Map Page 22-26 2018-03-30217
022-261-23.tif Map Page 22-26 2018-03-30220
022-262-03.tif Map Page 22-26 2021-06-012298
022-262-20.tif Map Page 22-26 2018-03-30181
022-263-08a.tif Map Page 22-26 2018-03-30384
022-263-08b.tif Map Page 22-26 2018-03-30211
022-263-09.tif Map Page 22-26 2018-03-30218
022-273-26.tif Map Page 22-27 2020-06-243554
022-273-39.tif Map Page 22-27 2018-03-30232
022-285-02.tif Map Page 22-28 2018-03-30203
022-350-01.tif Map Page 22-35 2018-03-30203
022-490.tif Map Page 22-49 2018-03-30173
022-700-06.tif Map Page 22-70 2018-03-30236

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