Mission Statement

District Attorney

The Marin County District Attorney's Office primary mission is to keep Marin safe and enhance its quality of life. This mission shall be met by vigorous, aggressive yet compassionate prosecution in dealing with those who prey upon our citizens. Protection, Prosecution and Prevention are the guideposts. With integrity, equality and excellence this office will conduct general criminal prosecutions and target special needs through focused emphasis on Family Violence, Juvenile justice and special restorative programs for Adult and Juvenile Drug Court and Mental Health Court, as well as continued Consumer protection activities.

As District Attorney I have organized our office to meet the operational needs and program priorities of the office. Listed below is an explanation and brief description of our operations. The two operational divisions and their constitute program units are all part of one team of professionals dedicated and sworn to serve this community.

Statutory Mandates Upon the District Attorney

Article XI, Section 1, of the California Constitution mandates that each County have an elected District Attorney. The Office of District Attorney is defined by Government Code section 26500 as the public prosecutor whose responsibility it is to attend the courts and conduct all prosecutions for public offenses on behalf of the People. The District Attorney is an officer of the County and also an officer of the state when engaged in the prosecution of crimes defined under State law.

The principal duties of the District Attorney are: public prosecutor; preparation and trial of criminal cases as well as their adjunct proceedings; advising both the Civil and Criminal Grand Juries; the trial and accusations against public officials and investigating and seeking both criminal and civil remedies for unlawful business practices.

The District Attorney prosecutes violations of state law and county ordinances, but not federal law or city ordinances. To assist the District Attorney in performing these functions is a staff of Chief Deputy District Attorneys and Deputy District Attorneys, Inspectors, Clerical personnel, Victim-Witness advocates, Volunteers and other support personnel.