Your Festival Will Sizzle With Healthy Excitement

Cultural Services

Health happens best where you live, work and come to play! Visitors come to your festival to have fun and play! Creating an environment that encourages health and physical wellness will add to the overall experience and memory of your festival. It will be appreciated by visitors and will even contribute to changes in the social and community fabric of your community.

  • Creating healthy activities leads to families staying longer, brings valuable and free media attention, and word-of-mouth advertising!
  • Create a clean and comfortable place for families to feed and change babies – and for parents to rest their tired feet. You’ll find that families will stay at your event longer. And a sponsor will be easy to find!

Work with sponsors and partners to create venues, booths and activities that culturally represent your community and highlight and promote fun physical activity. Family runs and races, hula hooping contests, conga lines, and flash mobs can be easily added to festival attractions.

  • Kids love to run. Create a fun run to get them moving and excited about being active. Invite parents with strollers to join the fun.
  • Offer and promote free valet bicycle parking. Bicycle coalitions and other advocates for nonmotorized transportation LOVE this attention.
  • Give out free pedometers for guests to track their steps and win prizes as they reach milestones while walking around the festival. With so many businesses promoting physical activity, finding a sponsor for pedometers will be easy.
  • Organize and promote a scavenger hunt.
    • Use the course to promote vendors with healthy menu items.
    • Highlight other points of interest and offerings along the route, providing fun “clues to good health.”
    • Give passes to a local YMCA as prizes.
  • Bike blenders - where kids pedal to make fresh fruit smoothies - are fun combinations of healthy fun, food and activity (watch a sample video at
  • Provide training to health ambassadors to engage people in healthy chats, like asking people about their favorite fruit or vegetable or challenging them to do 10 push-ups for a prize. Make it fun!
  • It may be easier than you think to find corporate sponsors eager to have their names and logos promoting “healthy” in an innovative way.