Good Fair = Good Fun

Cultural Services

Celebrate and highlight healthy options already offered at your festival. Collaborate with food vendors to provide a diverse variety of healthy food choices ~ assuring items are prepared trans-fat free, served in biodegradable containers and represent cross-cultural cuisine.

  • Require food vendors to develop menus that include at least one “healthy option” at a competitive price.
  • Feature healthy menu items and vendors in event marketing, brochure, website, and social media.
  • Provide training to health ambassadors and other volunteers in promoting healthier eating.
  • Promote healthy strategies to the media.
  • Avoid marketing that promotes unhealthy choices and activities.
  • Add vendors’ healthy food items to event maps and guides.
  • Partner with local culinary organizations and dietitians to offer food vendor trainings and consultations on how to create healthy menus.
  • Invite professional chefs and young people to judge for a variety of taste preferences.
  • Offer healthy cooking demonstrations. Restaurants, restaurant supply stores, and chefs will eat up the attention.
  • Create prominent eye-catching signage for healthy food options.
  • Offer reduced-portion sizes for “tasty treats” (fair favorite) menu items.
  • It may be easier than you think to find corporate sponsors eager to have their names and logos promoting “healthy” in an innovative way.