Get the Word Out

Cultural Services
  • Include healthy messages in your marketing strategy.
  • Identify staff to promote the event using all forms of media to different audiences by age, gender, culture, ethnicity, or use of technology.

  • Use social media as a low-cost way to promote the event.
  • Before and during the event, highlight the healthy food options, free bicycle parking and fun physical activities for children (Fun Run, hula hoop, etc.)
  • Create a #hashtag for your event such as #YourFairName. Invite participants to share their photos from the event on social media using a #hashtag. Some social media sites to use: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, others.
  • Ask partners to share your messaging, particularly to groups who would appreciate your healthy changes like “Mommy” bloggers and social media influencers (local people with large followings on Facebook or Twitter) to announce the healthy food choices and family friendly activities happening at the event.
  • Send event announcements and press releases to local media (newspapers, local TV stations, radio, magazines, bloggers).
  • Prepare a letter to the editor or longer opinion column to your local newspapers well in advance of the event and reach out to editorial page editor to schedule the publication.
  • Work with local elected officials to review and support healthy policies and ordinances. Write press releases about how they have helped. They will appreciate the attention.