Earth Friendly

Cultural Services

Earth friendly is family friendly! There are many creative ways to make your event more environmentally friendly.

  • Partner with local conservation organizations on waste diversion and composting.
  • Provide training to vendors on recycling practices.
  • Require vendors to use compostable containers.
  • Place eco stations with bins for compost, recyclables and landfill trash throughout the fairgrounds. Don’t forget to staff the eco stations or provide instructions showing what goes where.
  • Partner with local bike organizations to offer complimentary bicycle valet parking.
  • Replace light fixtures with energy conserving bulbs.
  • Invite attendees to bring their own reusable empty water containers. Provide water stations throughout the event.
  • Encourage interactive learning opportunities and discourage exhibitors from handing out paper fliers, brochures, or other materials. They’ll just end up in the trash or fly away in the wind.
  • It may be easier than you think to find corporate sponsors eager to have their names and logos promoting “healthy” in an innovative way.
  • For more ideas visit “Greening The Fair” on the Marin Fair webpage.