Celebrate Success

Cultural Services

As you go about making some healthier changes at your event, there are a few questions that will come up: (1) How to tell which changes worked and which did not? (2) How to tweak efforts going forward? (3) How to share success stories with sponsors, media, colleagues, and community?

Most of the time you can see or feel that great change is happening. But how can you be sure, and how do you talk about it? Keeping track of activities and results can be simple and is worth the time and effort. Taking photos also chronicles efforts and provides fun testimonials celebrating accomplishments.

Develop a short checklist that health ambassadors can use each shift to track conversations with guests :

  • How many families do they direct to the Baby Sanctuary?
  • How many smokers do they redirect to smoking tents?
  • How much sunscreen or other give-aways do they hand out?

Ask guests to the Baby Sanctuary a few questions:

  • What’s their home town?
  • Is this their first time to the event?
  • How long will they be staying at the event? And will they come again?
  • Keep track of total number of guests to the Baby Sanctuary so you can share this growing number with the sponsor.

Have vendors track sales of healthier menu options.

  • How many people are joining in family-fun activities?
  • Are you passing out pedometers? Keep track of the total number of steps walked at your event.
  • Research local automobile crashes, DUIs, and other alcohol related incidents during the days of the event.

How do the numbers compare from year to year?

  • What is the tonnage of waste diverted from landfills because of your eco-friendly practices?
  • What are people saying about the event online?
  • And of course: Have revenues increased or decreased since taking these steps?
  • Photos, photos, photos! Proof is in the smiles of your guests.