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Kitchen $425.00
Kitchen Cleaning Deposit (Refundable) $500.00

Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations apply to all producers and caterers.

Cleaning Deposit

Payment in the amount of $500 is required of all producers as a refundable cleaning deposit. The kitchen and other food service areas will be available in a clean condition and will be inspected by the Marin Center staff at the end of each event.

This deposit will be refunded to each producer approximately ten (10) days after the event, if the caterer or producer meets the facility’s clean-up requirements as listed below:

  • Any clean-up fees, damage to kitchen or equipment due to improper operation, etc will be deducted from the damage deposit.

Contracted Time Period

The kitchen is only available for food preparation and clean up during the contracted time period. The rental period is from 7am - 1am. Please review your contract dates and times with the Event / Rental Manager Dick Daley (415) 473-5034 or

Preparation/Food Service Area(s)

To meet County of Marin health code regulations, the kitchen only is available for food preparation. Any other food service set-up areas must be approved by Marin Center and rented separately from the kitchen. If a carpeted area is used for food service, the area must be covered with plastic tarp material.

Food Service Area(s) Clean-up Requirements

Each caterer will maintain the Marin Center’s kitchen equipment and food service areas in good repair. All areas and equipment will be inspected for cleanliness and proper operation before and after each event by Marin Center Staff.

The temporary installation of any portable equipment, especially, portable cooking ovens, stoves, rotisseries and similar devices must be approved in advance by the Marin Center Technical Coordinator, Tony Taubert at 415.473.6399 or, and the San Rafael Fire Department.

The caterer or producer will, during their event:

  • Mop or clean up spills as they occur on any floor surface.

The caterer or producer will, after their event:

  • Remove all garbage, litter and paper and place into the dumpster provided by the rental client.
  • Crush all cardboard containers and place into the recycling container located in the kitchen alcove.
  • Remove all portable or rented equipment, leftover food or beverages owned by caterer from premises on the night of the event unless other arrangements have been made in advance with Marin Center Staff.
  • Sweep and mop kitchen and service area floors. Caterer or user should provide their own broom, mop and mop bucket, and cleaning agent for this purpose.
  • Remove and dispose the plastic tarp from any carpeted areas used for food service.
  • Wipe down all counters, sinks, stoves and tables in the kitchen. Clean lower “catch-all” sink trap between main sinks. Caterer or user should supply the appropriate towels, sponges and cleaner for this purpose.
  • Remove, clean and replace dishwasher filters. Drain dishwasher and clean dishwasher water tank. Refill tank with fresh water.
  • Turn off all lights.

Equipment Inventory Available to Users

  • 2 50-gallon Garbage Cans Recycling Bins
  • 2 Door Convection Oven
  • 1 6 Burner, 2 Oven Gas Range
  • 2 Sink Units in kitchen 2 sinks in dish room
  • 1 Three Door Reach-In Refrigerator
  • 1 Commercial Dishwasher  

Alcoholic Beverage Service

Please contact the Marin Center Event / Rental Manager Dick Daley (415) 473-5034 or regarding procedures for serving alcoholic beverages at any event at Marin Center.

Bona fide non-profit organizations/users may be permitted to serve wine, champagne or beer at private parties providing user follows the regulations of the Private Parties - Alcohol Beverage Control Act and furnish liquor liability insurance coverage for the event.  Contact the Event / Rental Manager Dick Daley (415) 473-5034 or for more information.

Electrical Service

Available electrical outlets should be reviewed at the pre-event tour of the kitchen with the Event / Rental Manager Dick Daley (415) 473-5034 or and Technical Coordinator, Tony Taubert at 415.473.6399 or Only the appliances using the amperage posted next to the outlet should be plugged into that outlet.


The Center provides two (2) parking spaces for catering staff just outside the kitchen. Additional parking spaces for catering staff are available in the main parking lot.


Please do not tape anything on the walls or doors of the kitchen.

Catering Meeting

All caterers are required to meet with the Operations Supervisor at least 2 weeks in advance of the event to review catering set-up and the above regulations. Contact the Event / Rental Manager Dick Daley (415) 473-5034 or to schedule this meeting.

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